Balkan Hydro Conference

“Balkan Hydro Conference“is being organized by Baron Critical Weather Intelligence from the USA with the support of their Balkan representative EIC from Athens and local representative Towers Net from Belgrade. The conference will take place in Hotel Metropol, Belgrade, Serbia on the 12th of November 2015 with the beginning at 9am.


Baron Critical Weather Intelligence is one of the world’s leading companies regarding hydro meteorological prognostics and solutions. During 25 years of successful business they achieved and maintained cooperation with world renowned organizations like Federal Aviation Administration and Ministry of Defence of USA, companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin, FOX, ABC and NBS television networks, but also created solutions for international governments and organizations.

Baron company will be represented by Executive Vice President and Chief Products Officer Bob Baron Junior, Vice President of International Business Development Rick Braswell, and Bernard Kirby specialized for Integrated Weather Solutions with a special focus on European area, as well as several other leading development engineers.

The main goals of the Balkan Hydro Conference are:

  1. The new hydro-meteorological challenges caused by worldwide and regional climate changes – how to find adequate answers and solve problems?
  2. Sharing the experiences, solutions and mechanisms in domain of new generation hydro-meteorology that Baron company gained and implemented over the years,
  3. Identifying the possibilities in improving coordination, cooperation and integration of all relevant actors at national, regional and international lever including interested parties in the field of academic and expert community, public and private sector.

The conference is intended for managers and experts from relevant institutions including ministries of internal affairs, defense, agriculture, transport, hydro-meteorological institutions and agencies, teams for emergency situations and others from our region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia).

You can download the conference agenda:
Balkan Hydro Conference Agenda






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