About Us

We gather and use numerous resources of specialized companies and experts for purpose of achieving goals, which creates possibilities for us to response even to the most challenging projects from this field.

Towers Net team is featured by close interaction of experienced as well as young, dynamic staff, professionals in their work, ready to face and respond to challenges of the market at any time. Our main characteristics are creativity, knowledge and speed. We make all solutions custom tailored, following world quality standards, seeking to be always ahead of our time. Patience, persistance and creativity make the key to success.

Our main business policy has always implied exceptionally high standards, reliability and high quality services. Our ultimate business goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Towers Net is a privately owned limited liability company.

Zoran Živković – Founder – z.zivkovic@towersnet.rs

Milan Živković – CEO – m.zivkovic@towersnet.rs

Vladimir Stanisavljev – Sales Director – v.stanisavljev@towersnet.rs

Dušan Marjanović – Support Engineer – d.marjanovic@towersnet.rs

Milenko Ostojić – Senior Adviser – m.ostojic@towersnet.rs

Ivana Živković –  Legal Adviser – i.zivkovic@towersnet.rs

Ljiljana Marinković – Accountant