Towers Net Arow Data Diode








Towers Net Arow Data Diode is a unique hardware solution that doesn’t depend on computer platforms, operational systems or network interfaces. It allows a highly secure network to communicate with outside world without a danger of protected data being leaked or compromised.
Towers Net Arow Data Diode is unidirectional optical device which creates a barrier between networks of different security levels and provides:

  • Physical separation of data by using mutually independent links
  • Breaking and reestablishing of TCP/IP connection
  • One-way data flow
  • High bandwidth optical links (Gigabit Ethernet)

Open source software for network management allows network administrators easy and cryptographic secure control or a direct connection for previously formed TCP data flows.

Typical implementations:

  • Protection of highly classified data,
  • Prevention of data theft deception (anti-phishing),
  • Protection of malicious software attacks (viruses, Trojans etc.),
  • Discrete network management,
  • Secure monitoring and control of data transfer,
  • Independent source power supply of protected network.