Minerva Data Diode

A Next Generation Data Diode that allows data to be pushed from one network to another across a guaranteed one-way link.
Minerva One Way Guard is a next generation diode which provides secure data transfer across the network or its internal boundaries.
This Guard uses Transshipment technique.

Main features of Minerva are:

  • Flexible interfaces allow integration with applications,
  • Strong off-the-shelf security,
  • Appliance based delivery for DSOS platform,
  • Support for numerous hardware platforms,
  • It can be delivered also as VM Ware ESXi virtual machine or as a set of three virtual machines for internal zoning,
  • Directly supports a number of network protocols,
  • Additional utility software provides further ways of integrating data feed into applications.
  • Optional deployment with Common Criteria EAL7 diode from BAE system,
  • Off-the-shelf configuration for AV updates, WSUS, data base replication,
  • It works in combination with optical data diode to provide absolute assurance that data flow is one way

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Watch video – Integrating a Minerva Data Diode into a Twitter Feed