Infratornado is innovative device in the field of information security based on its own algorithm for digital signal jamming. Effectively protects against eavesdropping and recorders. Protect confidential conversations, meetings, business conferences and secret meetings against eavesdropping.

  • cassette recorders, older mobile phones such as: Nokia, Samsung …
  • analog recorders with built-in microphone or a microphone on cable
  • digital audio recorders that can be found on the market.
  • professional types digital voice recorders: EDIC-mini, Gnome, Olympus, Gnome DR, Papyrus ..
  • smartphones, including iPhones, HTC, Sony, LG, SAMSUNG, iPad …
  • wireless microphones, microphones, audio and video recorders
  • microphones wireless cameras, microphones bugging
  • professional digital voice recorder in the Bank card
  • older and newer recorders and recorders in a metal housing

Jammer Infratornado also prevents leakage of information through analog, digital and seismic wiretaps. The product is camouflaged in a briefcase and can be used as stationary or mobile.


  • Author’s algorithm for generating a digital signal jamming.
  • Remote radio turn on/off, charging indicator and battery status
  • Simple operation and maintenance.

Infratornado effectively blocks more than 99% different listening devices in approximate diameter of 3 meters, such as: