File Protection and Document Managment System

Seclore FileSecure

Easily Define, Enforce, and Remotely Control Granular Usage Polices

Seclore FileSecure protects sensitive information regardless of device or location.

Over 60 different file formats can be “Seclored” including files created by Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe, Photos, AutoCAD, and text-based file formats. The access and usage policies can be attached to a file in the following way:

  • When a file is closed or saved
  • When it leaves the network
  • When the file is attached to an email
  • When the file is created based on user-defined prompts
  • When a file is downloaded from a document management system
  • When discovered by a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) system
  • When a file is placed in specially configured ‘hot folder’

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