Towers Net Defender

Towers Net Defender

Intrusion detection and prevention system 
System for detection and prevention of cyber attacks with integrated WAF (Web application firewall).
Towers Net Defender (TND) is a next generation intrusion detection and prevention system.
Applying TND protection requires installation of TND agent program on the protected server.
TND server remotely monitors malicious activities in real time.
Remote TND server contains a database of all known attacks that is constantly updated.

TND blocks:

  • SYN flood, DoS/DDoS attacks,
  • Zero Day Attacks,
  • Advanced persistent threats: Brute Force Attacks, SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), rootkits,
  • Other malware for setting up backdoors.

Advantages of TND system:

  • Small server load (<1%), even during attack blockage,
  • No need for training, administration and additional equipment,
  • No initial costs,
  • Very fast service readiness,
  • Automated and optimized reporting,
  • Real time protection,
  • Database of known attacks is constantly being updated.
  • Protects from malware backdoors settings.

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