ACDC Surge Protection

The need of surge protections is growing rapidly. Newest generation of sophisticated electronic devices are more sensitive to electrostatic discharges and over-voltage spikes in power network supply. ACDC DCAC company has develop new Integrated Multi-stage Surge Protectors with higher level of technical performance and reliability compared to other surge products.

The concept of Eight (8) Stages Surge Protectors are exclusively original and unique on the market. The quality has been proved in many occasions, protecting highly sophisticated and sensitive equipment – which is new trend on market, due to the digitalization and computerization of all processes.

ACDC Surge products present a Multi-Stage Surge Protection composed of 8 (eight) surge protection stages. It is from class I + II + III according to standard IEC61643-1. He also meets the standards for protection of devices from electromagnetic (radio) interference IEC60939-2.The products have built in 5 (five) innovations (patents) under the numbers 900836, 900545, 903566 and 903567.

Towers Net is an dedicated partner and distributor of all range of ACDC DCAC solutions for western Balkan region.

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Towers Net Ltd. as a regional business development consultant of Siklu Communication Ltd., world leader in a field of large capacity wireless microwave links, has recently provided all necessary conditions for testing and promotion of Siklu products in Serbia and region.

Leveraging the advantages of the 71-76/81-86 GHz regulated E-Band or the 57-66 GHz license-exempt band, Siklu’s carrier-grade EtherHaul products are ideal for backhauling traffic in dense, bandwidth-hungry areas. EtherHaul offers a robust all-silicon radio design, scalable capacities up to 1Gbps on a pay-as-you-grow model and advanced networking.

For providers seeking a viable alternative for the last mile, out of wireline reach, Siklu offers easily-deployed, low-cost wireless solutions that deliver the Gigabit bandwidth that clients need. With EtherHaul solutions from Siklu, providers and enterprises avoid the expense of new fiber deployments, and enjoy the inherent advantages of the E-Band spectrum.

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Fasmetrics Antenna Robotics

SONAR is a patented revolutionary robotic antenna platform that dramatically changes how an antenna network operates and behaves. It increases the capacity and quality of broadband services, sharply reduces costs and keeps your customers loyal.
Towers Net is an dedicated partner and agent for Serbia.

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Water/Gas Meter Automatic Remote System

TOWERS NET offers a digital wireless water/gas metering and water management system. It consists of a system of digital water meters which replace the existing analog residential meters (old technology) and have the ability to send measurements wirelessly to the water company. Moreover, the system allows turning off the water supply via a wirelesses command (without physical presence of a technician) in cases of controlled distribution, leakage, non-payment etc.

This system includes digital water meters, electronic data collectors/concentrators and the data center. The management is achieved in the corresponding application operated on the Server or PC and controlled by the municipality itself or the water company.
TOWERS NET is regional partner of TeoTec S.A. company and i Theocharakis Group of companies and it is specialized for key-in-hand projects in field of IT and telecommunication technologies.

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