Forensic Phone Analyzer – FPA

Software module for obtaining a full and transparent data from mobile units. FPA is used for fast, efficient and low cost gathering of intelligence data and required evidence from mobile phones and telecommunication networks. This technology enables revealing of wide spectrum of critical information.

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Forensics Image Analyser

Software that allows the user to classify digital images according to the source. FIA is a software for forensic analyses of digital images which use Sensor Pattern Noise method to identify the originating device for a set of images.

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FDX – Forensic Digital eXchange

Software for analysis of data obtained from mobile units, provides fast processing of obtained data. FDX is a complete management system for all your mobile digital forensic data.



VFC2 – Virtual Forensic Computing

VFC2 provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface that can be used by any investigative agency, be it criminal or civil, in order to quickly ascertain the need for further examination of a system. VFC2 software module forensically clones data from original memory unit for later analysis of suspicious device. Data cloning provides easier access to protected data without any data loss, which is often a problem in analysis performed in original surroundings.

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Advanced Ballistic Analyses System – ALIAS

Alias is a ballistics analysis system that takes the scanning and analysis of expended bullets and cartridges to a level of clarity and detail never before seen.

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