TransGap Import Export (ImpEx) Application
This is an interactive application for controlling the use of exchangeable media. It ensures imported and exported data has been fully checked and is compliant with business needs. It is used by organisations that need to use exchangeable media, but require strong control over the data carried by it.
Feature and Benefits:

  • Reduces costs
  • Optimises secure information sharing
  • Provides data leak protection
  • Simplified movement of information from exchangeable media, such DVD,
  • Prevents media-based attacks
  • Limits deliberate or accidental data loss

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TransGap Personal eXchange (PX) Application
This interactive application provides users with accounts on separate systems, a personalexchange mechanism. This lets them pass files between their accounts, retaining full control over the content. It is used by organisations that need very strong control over material passing in and out of isolated enclave systems.

Features and benefits

  • Reduces user error and increases accountability
  • Improves high value data tracking
  • Helps users securely bridge the gap between separated networks,
  • Limits content-based attack,
  • Optimizes switching for users between networks of different sensitivities,

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TransGap Shared FileStore (SFS) Application
This interactive application allows users to share documents through an access controlled filestore. Documents that are uploaded to the shared store are subject to deep contentinspection. It is used by organisations that need to be able to share documents but must retain control over the way they are shared. Such organisations could be in government, lawenforcement, defence and intelligence, and multi-national organisations handling export-controlled data.
Features and benefits

  • Provides a secure collaborative environment
  • Imposes control on how widley documents are shared
  • Enables efficient secure information sharing within collaborative designs
  • Limits the possibility of insider leaks and mistakes when distributing documents
  • Reduces the risk of data loss, especially Export Control and IPR protected environmants
  • Perfect for bid and project teams and supply chain business

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X.400 MTA

This product is a Message Transfer Agent providing native support for X.400 protocols for the rapid transfer of messages.
Features and Benefits

  1. High reliable x.400 message exchange local and remote users
  2. Flexible deployment options:
    1. Backbone server, connecting other X.400 MTAs and acting as a P1 switch
    2. Departmental server supporting a community of X.400 end users
    3. Border MTA providing connection between different X.400 domains
    4. Gateway for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) applications

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